Attendance Survey

Hi Everyone!

Now that we have a definite date for the 25th reunion, we just wanted to see how many of your shining, happy faces we can expect at each event(for planning purposes only)!  These answers do not bind you into any commitment, it's just so we can get a rough idea of what to expect.  Thanks for your cooperation! laugh

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1)   Will you attend the Friday night casual mixer tentatively at The Galley? Will a spouse or date attend with you?

  Yes, I will likely attend alone.
  Yes, I will attend with a guest.
  No, I will not attend.
2)   Will you and your family attend the family BBQ at Highland Park on Saturday afternoon?

Yes No
3)   If you answered "yes" to #2, how many family members will attend the BBQ?

4)   Will you attend the casual gathering at a bar to be determined on Saturday night?

  Yes, I will attend alone.
  Yes, I will attend with a date.
  No, I will not attend.
5)   Are you interested in a golf outing?

  Yes, I would attend alone.
  Yes, I would attend with a guest.
  No, I am not interested in golfing.
6)   If you are interested in golf, which day would you prefer?

  I prefer Friday.
  I prefer Saturday.
  I prefer Sunday.
7)   Do you have any ideas or suggestions that you would like to relay to the committee?